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I love to travel, discover new places, different cultures, taste new food, meet people. I am Hugo, portuguese, father of 3 wonderful boys.

Became in love with Photography back in 1993 when I received a Pentax K1000. Since then, my photographic journey had some ups and downs, but from 2010 it has been a constant in my life. It’s hard to find me without a camera hanging at my shoulder or inside the messenger bag.

Living in a fast changing world, documenting it is more than a passion, it’s almost a duty, as a testimonial that I want to leave to my sons.

Mostly I like to photograph people, in their ambient, in their daily routines. But recently I started to photograph Dance, and I’m finding it so captivating although very difficult!

Using Sony cameras for some years, which I adore, my personal work was usually shot in film. I love the workflow, from loading the film roll into the camera to the developing in the lab improvised at home.

But with 3 restless kids around, it wasn’t an easy task to spend hours developing film, hang it to dry, scan it… So recently I decided to sell some of my film gear, like a Contax G2 and the renowned Zeiss 45mm Planar, and bought a Fuji X-Pro1 with de 35mm F1.4 lens. It’s not intended to replace my Sony gear, but to retrieve some of the thrill I had shooting film. I mean, it’s a digital camera of course… But, with the dedicated knobs to set the aperture and speed, it can be the closest I have to replace the enthusiasm I had shooting my beloved Pentax K1000, or the Nikon FM2.

Now you Fuji fans will call me a traitor for still using Sony! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the X-Pro1! They are meant to different purposes, at least for me it’s that way. The Sony’s are great cameras. For more than 3 years the Nex-7 has accompanied everywhere I went. I have captured thousands of pictures with the A77 in harsh conditions and it didn’t fail me once. The most recent acquisition, the A7II, delivers an image quality hard to match. Everything works as it should, the buttons are in the right places and, most of all, they don’t get in the way between me and the subject to photograph.

That being said, is there room for the Fuji? Of course there is! Stay tuned, because I feel the X-Pro1 will be used a lot!

My Photography Gear (for now…)

XF 35mm F1.4 R



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