The Fuji X Passion Magazine – Volume 3 is now available!

The waiting is over and we proudly announce the official launching of the Volume 3!
All pre-orders are being shipped now. If you wish to place your order, you will find it exclusively on our online store.


In a time that pdf magazines, ebooks and digital publications in the broader sense are becoming the new standard for photographers, is questionable if a printed magazine still makes sense. But, every time we open a new edition of the Fuji X Passion magazine and feel the touch and smell of a freshly printed paper, we know why we keep doing it.

For the ones who already know the Fuji X Passion printed magazine: If you liked the previous editions, you will love this new one!

For the ones who still don’t know: This magazine is not a printed version of the virtual magazine. This is actually a photo book, made of high quality printing over heavy matte paper. What you won’t find inside: advertising, gear reviews and all those kinds of contents that you easily have available on the web. What will you find: unique contents that you won’t discover on the website or any of our virtual magazines. Each article or interview was exclusively written for this publication by the best of the best photographers around the world, using Fuji cameras to produce breathtaking photographs.

Inside this new edition:

Bryan Minear
In an introspective essay, Bryan writes about what’s like to be a photographer and the occurrences that can entirely change your perspective about Photography.

Dan Bailey
Flying his 70 year old yellow Cessna with the camera out of the open window, Dan takes breathtaking images of Alaska.

Daniel Malikyar
One of the most promising names in the Photography industry. Despite being rather young, has already an impressive and extensive portfolio. The photo used on the magazine’s cover belongs to this remarkable photographer.

Fernando Ramírez
Why did a wedding photographer start shooting dance? Find out in this magnificent piece of work, a true tribute to all dancers!

Michael Hanke
A few months ago we had the privilege to make an exclusive interview to the World Press Photo Award-winning photographer, Michael Hanke. Now, we proudly present another of his exceptional documentary projects: Air Show.

Steven Dunton
Steven Dunton, a british wedding photographer, user of the Fuji X system since the original X100 came along, shared with us his experience using these cameras, along with a beautiful set of images that capture emotions.

As you see, this magazine is a highly collectible piece of art that any Photography connoisseur will like to have on the shelf.


Don’t miss this opportunity!

Maurício & Hugo
The Fuji X Passion team

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