Fuji GFX for street photography


Although Fujifilm GFX 50S is quite compact, in the world of medium format digital cameras, it is still big and heavy. With a weight so close to 1 kg (body only), many photographers would think that this is not the ideal setup for street photography. Even the big X-H1 would be considered “compact”, by comparison. But there are some, that don’t want to compromise on image quality, like Rizacan Kumas.

He took his Fujifilm GFX combined with the Fujinon GF 23mm F4 R LM WR to the streets of Delhi, in India, for his “Cross the Silk Road” street photography projects. This lens offers an ultra-wide perspective (18mm in 35mm format, or like using a Samyang 12mm F2 on your X mount Fujifilm camera). Amazing image quality and quite remarkable 3D effect of the background separation, from such an ultra-wide lens and the F4 maximum aperture. Enjoy the video!



Curated by Sebastian Boatca



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  1. Lovely images and fantastic ‘seat of the pants’ view of India – of course a place where I long to visit one day. However, and oh my goodness, why the clonking microphone sound it the background. It spoils a lovely video and makes the whole thing very amateur. Sorry to be negative but perhaps you can fix that for next time. Philip

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