We are offering Fuji X Passion magazines – Here’s how to receive them

All over the world, we are living in exceptional times, which require extraordinary measures.

Surely, over the next few weeks (who knows, months?), you will spend a lot of time at home. We, at Fuji X Passion, are on your side and we want this period to pass as quickly as possible, and in a less burdensome way.

For this reason, so that you can stay connected to your passion – Photography, we are offering a pack of 10 Fuji X Passion magazines, chosen from the 45 editions we have launched so far.

To receive them, simply enter your email address below, then access your inbox and download your magazines.



If you are already a subscriber to our mailing list, you don’t need to do anything. Simply check your inbox and download the magazines we prepared for you.

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We hope you enjoy the magazines!


Stay safe,
MaurĂ­cio & Hugo
The Fuji X Passion Team