“Sombre Insomnie” – Dark Insomnia, Photography book by Loïc Casanova

When we first saw Loïc Casanova’s work, we were blown away. We confess that we have always been fond of black and white photography, but Loïc’s images have something special, mysterious, unique. Gloomy streets, figures out of the darkness, each image almost tells a story. And when we found out that this series was compiled into a book, we had to have it. Do you know that comparison between a film and the book that gave rise to it? We thought we could make the analogy between seeing Loïc’s images in a book, or on a computer screen. And of course, seeing on paper is a clearly superior experience.

Speaking of paper, its quality is something that we haven’t seen for a long time. The print quality is sublime, with extraordinary definition and sharpness, good contrast and deep blacks.

Loïc Casanova worked mainly with the XF35mm F1.4 and the Fujifilm X-T2, and all photos were taken in the historic center of Montpellier, France, his birthplace.

One evening a week for 6 months, Loïc walked the streets Montpellier in search of the best spots and the closest characters to the spirit he wanted for this series. The result is much more than a photography book, as each image is accompanied by a story (in French only), in which the author plays the role of a detective in search of the murderer who haunts the streets of Montpellier.

And the good news is that we partner with Loïc to make this book available to all of our readers. You can order your signed copy at our store.

Check Loïc’s website and follow him on Instagram:

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