The Fuji X-Pro3 was officially announced

It is here! 3 years after, the long-awaited replacement of the X-Pro2 was finally announced by Fuji. Regarding the specs, as you already know, it’s pretty much the same as the X-T3. So what makes this camera special, what would lead you to buy this instead of the X-T3? To […]

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Atlas Athlete Camera Backpack Review

Best Travel Photography Backpack in 2019 The search is finally over for the best travel photography backpack, introducing my review of the Ultimate Atlas Athlete Backpack! After years of travelling in all types of conditions, I’ve tried many bags, packs and equipment solutions to transport my photography gear. But this […]

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My name is Nikos Kouklakis, I am from Chania – Crete, Greece, and I am an architectural Student in Vienna. For the Last two years I’ve changed my equipment from Nikon to Fujifilm. The reason is simple, not only the design and the ergonomy for Fujifilm is really nice to […]

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I’ve been using the same camera bag for nearly seven years, the Hadley Small from Billingham this bag is perfect for street photography and it fits everything I need for a day on the streets. For me, my camera bag had to be small and lightweight, but at the same […]

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Fuji X series mirrorless cameras combined with the VIEW Intervalometer makes it easy to achieve the holy-grail of time-lapse

Timelapse+, a leader in developing hardware and software tools for time-lapse professionals is now excited to announce support for Fuji X series cameras and the Timelapse+ VIEW intervalometer. The Timelapse+ VIEW is a breakthrough intervalometer for cinematographers and photographers that allows for automatic bulb ramping, live time-lapse preview, touch-free gesture […]

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