Why I don’t need full frame

Here it is, the thousandth blog post about someone switching to Fujifilm. I know it’s boring so I’ll be brief. All I want really is just to explain you why I’ve decided to switch and why you are going to find a lot of Fujifilm contents on this blog going […]

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One month with the Fujifilm X-H1

Luckily, I had already an early chance to get my hands on the Fujifilm X-H1 that has been announced on February 15th. My initial touch and try had been in December 2017. This was just a brief afternoon and was not more than getting a very first impression. What striked […]

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SIMPLR Camera Strap Review

About 3 months ago, Jason from SIMPLR camera straps kindly sent me a M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap in Castor Gray color. I was really excited to try out this new strap because I use them a lot. I like working with prime lenses so I frequently use two cameras, each […]

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Fuji X-H1 First Impressions

Hi everyone. Well, there has been a bit of buzz surrounding the new release of Fuji’s pro-level mirrorless camera – the X-H1. Personally I vacillated as to whether I would add this camera to my current kit, which includes the Fuji GFX 50s and a Fuji X-E3. Much of my […]

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Fuji Acros Digital vs Fuji Acros Film

Digital or Film? Fuji Acros on a X-Pro2 compared to Fuji Acros 100 film on a Hasselblad 6×6… Which will be the winner? A few weeks ago I did a non scientific comparison between black and white digital and film, using my beloved Fuji XPro-2 and a Pentax 67 with […]

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