Fuji X-PRO2 in Kyoto, Japan

Hi, Fuji X Passion followers. My name is Shingo Ohashi, I’m a photographer based in Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Japan. I usually take photos of streets, portraits and animals. These days, I’d like to take pictures about the beauty of Japan. And I usually use Fuji X-PRO2 and love it. The […]

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I believe I can fly – Fuji X-T2 and Motocross

We photographers often stay to long in our comfort zone. In my case this means photographing landscapes and wildlife. But leaving the comfort zone and shooting something we normally don’t often has very positive effects on our overall photographic capabilities. I went out to a motocross race the other day […]

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Lightroom or Capture one?

Ok Ladies and Gents, we all want the very best from our images, whether we are professional photographers or hobbyists. I’m a wedding photographer and constantly giving myself critique, I’m sure you are the same, as Ansel Adams, once said “10,000 exposures to get one photo” yep, the very best […]

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