I’ve Got The Blues (COVID-19 Style)

As a photographer that loves music, especially blues music, the Covid-19 Virus has stopped not only live music in our area but also cut off any revenue for the venues and artist. If I can’t go to my favorite venues and take photographs I thought I’d share some of my […]

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How to pick a lens for your travels

People are curious. People want to find out more. They want to reach new places, see new things, try different experiences and come back with beautiful memories. In these hard times, people turn more and more to their memories, to the places they loved seeing and they watch pictures of […]

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What makes a good photograph?

What makes a good photo is one of the essential questions when talking about photography. No matter the degree of proficiency in understanding and feeling the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.), we all have an inner compass which indicates (on a subjective level, of course), what photos are good, […]

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X-E3 & Me

Hi Fuji X Passion readers! My name is Alwin Kok. A thirty-seven-year-old Singaporean. 24/7 Husband, weekday Engineer, weekend Fuji Fanboy. My usual photography covers street, abstract, product, portrait and anything between them. Before I shared about my encounter with the X-E3, the X-E2 was the first that caught my attention […]

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Seeing Iceland in monochrome

As Fujifilm X shooters we are spoilt for choice when it comes to colour. We have the amazing and universal Astia and Provia simulations for a range of subjects and situations, Velvia for slide-film-like pop of vibrance and saturation, the Classic Chrome with its muted tones, Eterna for all the […]

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