Wedding Photography X-Masters – A Special Edition dedicated to all Wedding Photography enthusiasts

Hello everybody!We are delighted to announce the launch of this Special Edition, exclusively dedicated to Wedding Photography.We’ve invited 9 fantastic photographers to this publication and each one of them has produced a magnificent work that will surely inspire all of our readers, motivating them to improve their skills and discover […]

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Don’t fear de noise

Hi Máté, it’s a pleasure to have you for this interview. Could you present yourself to the readers? It’s my pleasure, really. I’m Máté, a UI/UX designer based in Budapest, Hungary but a traveller and photographer at heart. What is the role of photography in your life? I’m the type […]

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Capturing The Moment

When I started with street photography, I had trouble figuring out what exactly caught my eye and what I’d like to capture and expose. The result was, that most of my photographs were a complete mess. My name is Bas Hordijk. I’m a 22 years old street photographer based near […]

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