Halloween project with the Fuji X-T2

Hello Austris! This isn’t the first time we have your work on Fuji X Passion but, still, for the ones that don’t know you yet, would you like to introduce yourself? Hi! I am a photographer based in Latvia. I have fall in love with Fuji X system about year […]

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Tyler Grae – A whole story in a single moment

Hi, I’m Tyler Grae. I’m a twenty-four year old, unemployed portrait photographer from north New Jersey. To be honest, I almost decided not to write this at all. Writing seems like such a hard means of communication when compared to the interpretive nature of photography. It’s particularly why I’m a […]

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Sony vs Fuji camera for Traveling

APS-C Sony vs Fuji Camera for Traveling? I’m a light traveler, so definitely mirrorless camera is what I need this day. I’m not a pro photographer, I shot JPEG only, and photography is just my hobby. Occasionally I try to send my photos to be published in magazine or local […]

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Happy Third Birthday, Fujifilm X-E2!

I made the jump to Fuji in February of this year after I grew tired of waiting for Canon to release a formidable mirrorless camera. Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, and Fuji were all making serious strides in the mirrorless market, and I thought Canon was surely not far behind. But alas, […]

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Discovering the photographer within…

Hi! My name is Ritesh Ghosh and iam an aspiring Street Photographer from Kolkata, India. This would probably not have been my introduction 8 years ago when I was just a regular guy working as a cashier in a Private Bank. Although I had been creatively inclined since childhood, the […]

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