Lotus flower

Me and Nick, we always had the idea to mix our projects, until it happened. In the national holidays of Chile, our country, Nick was going to travel to Valdivia to see his family taking advantage of their days off, so he talked with me to schedule a day for […]

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She Said / He Said 2

Dear Florin, The world of photography is foreign to me. I’ve been in front of your lens many times, but I never pay attention to the technicalities. I’d rather have a conversation with you anyway. And I think that is the reason why our work speaks. In our collaborations, the […]

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Newborn photographer

I often tell myself, it would be nice if I can take the love for photography with me… where ever I go. I remember as a teenager, in the Eastern Block, looking at and absorbing every image from Photography magazines. Admiring the work of Bresson, Koudelka and Kartez, just to […]

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Portrait Photography with the Fuji X-Pro2

Hi Robin! Could you please start by introducing yourself to our readers? Hello! I am a 30 years old photographer from Switzerland. After a few years of self-taught freelancing, I decided to apply to the photography Master program at ECAL (Cantonal arts school of Lausanne) here in Switzerland. When did […]

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My story with Fuji

Hello! My name is Stefan. and I’m a 38-year-old enthusiast photographer from Bucharest, Romania. Seeing other reviews and stories from so many photographers is making me feel a bit like a black sheep when it comes to photography. You see, I didn’t always have this passion. As a matter of […]

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