Today we start the “What’s inside your camera bag” section. But we all know what’s inside… It’s a Fuji of course! In this case, 3 of them! Check this beautiful bag from Germany, with a small surprise inside, an Instax printer! And what about your bag, what’s inside? “Hi, my […]

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Inside your camera bag

Hello Fuji shooters! Who, among you, isn’t proud of your camera set? Want to share what’s inside your camera bag? Send us a picture and we’ll feature on the Fuji X Passion website! Add the link to your web page, online portfolio or facebook account and write a few lines […]

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Leaving Nikon for Fujifilm

A BRIEF PREFACE: I’ve been photographing weddings all over the world since 1999. Prior to that, I was shooting for the Seattle weekly papers and doing portraits. In high school, I was the yearbook photographer and developed my own film for my high school newspaper and wrote record reviews. It […]

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