INSIDE YOUR BAG: Sebastian Boatca

Some folks asked me what do I carry in my bag, when I have a photography assignment. Well, I thought it would be nice to write down about my “things” I take with me in my photo bag. Of course, the content of the bag is strongly related to the […]

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Motorsports Photography with Fuji X-T1

Hello Austris! Could you please introduce yourself? Hi! I’m sports, fashion, music and commercial photographer living in Riga, Latvia. Sometimes I do weddings, if somebody asks me a lot 🙂 Did you study-Photography or are you self taught? I have been self taught all the way. Lots of reading, experimenting […]

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Zermatt and Fuji Camera Remote Xperience

There is one feature on the Fuji X-T1 that might most of Fuji-user think it’s only a gimmick: tether the camera to smartphone/table through Wi-Fi. To be honest, at the beginning I thought the same way. This feature was somewhat created for the facebook or any social media generation, the […]

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75 days with X-Pro 2

I’ve been using the X system for almost two years now. The XE-2 was my first camera and the one that made me want to switch to this brave new world. I’m sure someone will argue that it isn’t a perfect one, but then, is there one? I always thought […]

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Stick or Go

Advertisers will always do their utmost to prize away your ‘hard earned,’ attempting to satisfy that wish list. Its what they do! It may well be that some of you reading this, may be considering a camera either as an upgrade or a first time purchase. Throughout the year, I […]

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