75 days with X-Pro 2

I’ve been using the X system for almost two years now. The XE-2 was my first camera and the one that made me want to switch to this brave new world. I’m sure someone will argue that it isn’t a perfect one, but then, is there one? I always thought […]

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Stick or Go

Advertisers will always do their utmost to prize away your ‘hard earned,’ attempting to satisfy that wish list. Its what they do! It may well be that some of you reading this, may be considering a camera either as an upgrade or a first time purchase. Throughout the year, I […]

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A quick look at the Fuji X-Pro 2

Hi everyone. Over the span of my photographic years I have admittedly never been afraid to try out new cameras and equipment. In fact I think I have used just about every camera brand except Canon. My first camera, a Yashica Rangefinder, was a gift from “Santa Claus” in 1968. […]

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“MY name is Namhyuk Chae. but people call me ’N’ also a.k.a Photographer N. I primarily work in Vancouver, in conjunction with Luis Vouiton, MaxMara and Parmeleto. I also do wedding photoshoots, company advertisement and host personal fine arts exhibits. I started my photography career in the year of 2000. […]

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INSIDE YOUR BAG: Rafael Borda d’Água

“Hi, my name is Rafael Borda d’Água from Alverca do Ribatejo, Portugal, and my nickname is “Borda_H2o” I’m not a photographer but a person who takes pictures with FUJI X equipment and with the ambition to be able to tell stories through my photos. The stories that fascinate me most […]

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