The In-Between Photographs…

Hello Samir! Would you like to start by introducing yourself? Hi Mauricio & Hugo, first of all thanks for having me… I am a commercial, corporate and editorial photographer based in Mumbai, the financial and film (movie) capital of India. My work has been featured by various magazines and newspapers […]

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Seeing With The Heart

Hi, my name is John FitzGerald. Like a lot of kids I was given a Kodak Box Brownie when I was young. I used it from time to time but not obsessively. Much later in life I started to use a camera a bit more frequently but it was not […]

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Aviation photography with Fuji X-T2

On the one hand, my career as an architect has led me to focus on travel and architecture photography. Although on the other hand, my great passion was always aviation and being a pilot has allowed me to see things from a different perspective. When I first started in aeronautical […]

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