Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – January 2021

Hello everyone!

The January 2021 edition of FUJI  X PASSION MAGAZINE is now available.
2021 is here! Let's try to forget the year that ended, so demanding for all of us. This new year just has to be better. It can only be better! We wish to return to the former normality. We want to go out to photograph, socialize and share moments with others, visit new places, new people, new ways of living. Let's believe in this!

Over here, at Fuji X Passion, we are full of new ideas, and some will be presented over the next few months, so stay tuned. Nothing better than starting this new year with a totally redesigned magazine, even more elegant, more space to highlight the photographs and the best inspirational articles you can find - but, at the end of the day, this new magazine retains the spirit of the "old" Fuji X Passion magazine which you’re used to.

In this new issue, we feature another group of talented photographers, passionate about the Fuji X system: Brandon Powell, Felipe Rubilar, Gabriele Fabbri (cover photography), André Wagenzik, Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt and Georg Ude.

We hope you enjoy this new design, this new issue and have a great read. All the best for this New Year!!

Contributors | Summary

The South African Car Scene
By Brandon Powell

By shooting in black and white I give priority to emotions
By Gabriele Fabbri

Daily life scenes and people from Latin America and beyond
By Felipe Rubilar

Seek the Light
By Georg Ude

Shooting hybrid events with a Fuji X-T4
By André Wagenzik

Finding Home
By Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

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