The winding road of Photography

The shortest distance from point A to point B is a straight line. Although a true analogy, in photography, the road is more like a twisty adventurous road, with lots of detours, wrong ways, and steep cliffs. The only important thing is, how well we can adapt, learn and implement […]

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I’ve Got The Blues (COVID-19 Style)

As a photographer that loves music, especially blues music, the Covid-19 Virus has stopped not only live music in our area but also cut off any revenue for the venues and artist. If I can’t go to my favorite venues and take photographs I thought I’d share some of my […]

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How to pick a lens for your travels

People are curious. People want to find out more. They want to reach new places, see new things, try different experiences and come back with beautiful memories. In these hard times, people turn more and more to their memories, to the places they loved seeing and they watch pictures of […]

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