Replacing the Fuji with a smartphone?

Nowadays, the smartphones and their cameras have evolved to a level where the question of replacing the digital camera (mirrorless, or DSLR) with a powerful smartphone is only natural. Tremendous progress has been made to the technology inside the smartphones, where the cameras themselves, the rapidly evolving sensors and together […]

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From an X-Pro2 to an X-H1

My name is Adam Torres and I am not a professional photographer, I’m an enthusiast. I take photographs purely because I love the craft. I fully credit Fujifilm cameras for reigniting my photographic passion, with their beautiful industrial design and approachable ergonomics, they feel like an expertly made tool that […]

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Explore until you find your voice

Hi Jake! Thanks for the opportunity for this interview. A lot of readers certainly know you since the article published in the 20th edition of our magazine, but for those who do not know you yet, could you start by giving a presentation? Hey folks! First of all I wanted […]

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