Documenting the Amazon with Fuji

I am the youngest of 3 brothers. My mom always liked photography whether it was hobby or work. She was a researcher / biologist and always had to take pictures of the expeditions she made and the insects she was studying (she was an ant and termite expert). She had […]

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Why I don’t need full frame

Here it is, the thousandth blog post about someone switching to Fujifilm. I know it’s boring so I’ll be brief. All I want really is just to explain you why I’ve decided to switch and why you are going to find a lot of Fujifilm contents on this blog going […]

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Fuji X-T2 versus Full Frame Nikon DSLR

Many times we have heard about this comparison: APS-C sensors versus Full Frame sensors. The general principle “bigger is better” can be applied here, as well. But it is easy to miss, or forget the fact that an APS-C sensor has a list of advantages, too. And more than that, […]

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Cinematic Portraits Project with Fujifilm cameras

Over the last year, I’ve been working on a portraiture project, I loosely call Cinematic Moments.  Coming from a filmmaking background; I’ve always explored storytelling, and over the past few years, as I’ve explored photography as a creative medium, storytelling has definitely creeped it’s way in. A few years ago, […]

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Dying Sun – Behind The Scenes, with Fuji X-T2

I’m from Sintra and live in Porto, Portugal. I work at the University of Aveiro in audio/video services, doing promotional, institutional and educational video work. I was also a tutor for online courses, 3Ds max, After effects, nowadays I’m just tutoring Blender at UNAVE (University of Aveiro).
 Video, Photography and […]

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Arctic Blues with Fuji equipment

Maria Sahai is a Fujifilm X-series user and F-stop gear ambassador. Her first contact with a camera was a disaster! But a decade later, she definitely fell in love with Photography and never stopped since then. From the icy landscapes of Greenland to the extreme heat of the deserts of […]

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