I’ve Got The Blues (COVID-19 Style)

As a photographer that loves music, especially blues music, the Covid-19 Virus has stopped not only live music in our area but also cut off any revenue for the venues and artist. If I can’t go to my favorite venues and take photographs I thought I’d share some of my […]

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The Italian Project

My name is Suzanne Emily O’Connor, I’m Scottish and the most exciting change I’ve experienced recently has been picking up my life and moving it to another country, for love but of course also for the adventure. I had lived in London for nearly 4 years and the city just […]

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She Said / He Said 2

Dear Florin, The world of photography is foreign to me. I’ve been in front of your lens many times, but I never pay attention to the technicalities. I’d rather have a conversation with you anyway. And I think that is the reason why our work speaks. In our collaborations, the […]

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Newborn photographer

I often tell myself, it would be nice if I can take the love for photography with me… where ever I go. I remember as a teenager, in the Eastern Block, looking at and absorbing every image from Photography magazines. Admiring the work of Bresson, Koudelka and Kartez, just to […]

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