From DSLR to Fuji: story of the brazilian photographer Klayfe Rohden and his beautiful feminine portraits with X-T10

I am Klayfe Rohden, a 40 years old brazilian, full time photographer since three years ago, married with Alessandra, father of Camilla (14) and Klayfinho (4) years.

I am a musician (pianist) and music producer since my 16 years old, Video Producer and Designer, graduated in Technologist in UNIT (Tiradentes University), in Aracaju / Sergipe.
Photography was a gift that refined my gaze to journalism videos and music clips that I worked on.

At some point I needed good pictures and I had to go by myself and do them. It made me get closer to friends who had more knowledge, handouts, books and workshops, until the passion turned profession.

I started with a Nikon DSLR D300s, then I had the D600, and D800, and my last DSLR was the D750 (one of the best DSLR cameras I’ve ever had).

My path was like many others, tests with friends, call for family parties, those weddings without compromise, until one day you get paid for a job and get excited to buy more books, read more, study, and gather some money to buy lenses.

I’ve always had an affinity for fashion photography, I set up a small studio in 2014 and 70% of studio photography was fashion, shops and editorials.

Last year I discovered what I really wanted from my pictures, what attracted me more was to make a picture with sense, with a life-changing return, it was when really Photography made sense to me, and I decided that what I wanted was to really make photographs that made a difference in people’s lives. The female portraits were my passion, because it wasn’t more going to an event and making pictures, but take pictures and see people feeling good.

Today my work is summarized in Feminine Portraits.
The client contacts me, we schedule the date, we chat about a location, clothes, and until the day of the test we talk a lot.
My session comes down to one afternoon with a lot of talk, laughter, food and even pictures 🙂
All done with natural light, closed or external environments.

I migrated to Mirrorless and sold everything I had from DSLR systems. Besides the weight advantages, I found in the Fujifilm amazing color and films simulators I’ve always loved, characteristic of my pictures.

Today I have basically one backpack with a Fujifilm X-T10, the 35mm f/1.4 lens (which was from the master Juliano Coelho) and the 56mm f/1.2.

My workflow is very exciting, I am video editor since I was 17 so I love editing, despite the editing of my pictures being much simpler than many realize.
I work with Adobe Lightroom CC and basically I manage the color of my photo, some crops, and a lightly skyn brush on women’s skin, and nothing more.

Upon completion of my session I give them up to 40 printed photos in Kodak paper 15x21cm size and the files at high-res JPG.

I have a dream to travel, meet new people, new places. Venice, Spain, Portugal and Dubai are places that attract me, as if they were composition schools for my eyes.

I believe that for making pictures we do not need lots of production, complicated and tiring preparations. But the simple things delights me every day, portray the essence of a woman, portray truths, her moments, her fears, her dreams, it is much simpler than imagine, I have learned that the more I’m interested in them, the more I can do it. It is a natural and true process, it is a lifestyle.


  1. These are beautiful. Do you use any extra lighting or reflectors? If so, what do you use? I am curious. I also have a Fuji X-T10. Just switched from the Nikon and then Sony camera to this one. I like the sharp lenses and the colors in the JPEGS though, I usually stick with RAW files. Which lens is your favorite of the two listed above? Or shall I say, which one do you most frequently use on these shoots?

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