“MY name is Namhyuk Chae. but people call me ’N’ also a.k.a Photographer N.

I primarily work in Vancouver, in conjunction with Luis Vouiton, MaxMara and Parmeleto. I also do wedding photoshoots, company advertisement and host personal fine arts exhibits.

I started my photography career in the year of 2000. I loved painting growing up and after I got into university, I fell in love with film based cameras and started taking pictures. Ever since then, my interest grew greatly and led me into a career in photography. Interestingly, my friend who fell in love with film based cameras at the same time also chose photography as a career.

My first experience with FUJI was when S3pro. Frankly, it took a long time for me to decide whether I should purchase X-pro2 or not. I was so used to using DSLR and was not comfortable switching to mirrorless based cameras and EVF was the most awkward feature. However, soon after I purchased it, I fell in love with the camera and quickly adapted. It was very portable and portrayed beautiful colors in every picture I took. Not only was I very satisfied with all the useful features that were built in the camera, I was in love with the physical design of the camera. It is very unique, sensational and I love the way it looks.

When the camera is so attractive, it quickly becomes your personal treasure and you take care of it more and that is very important for me when I choose what camera I want to work with. X-pro2 is my everyday camera and I cannot see myself using other cameras that can replace Xpro2. I am glad to see you X-pro2!!”


Fuji X-Pro 2
Fuji XF 35mm f/2

If you want to keep in touch with me and my work, you can find me at:

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