The Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine is finally available!

Today we have the pleasure to announce the launch of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine!

The FXP Virtual Photography Magazine is a monthly publication where you cand find a bit of everything around the X system. Portfolios, some articles a bit more technical, interviews, tutorials, news and reviews. And as a bonus, you get also an appendix with a selection of articles from our website, but in a format easier to read!

Inside this first issue you will find:

  • Fuji workflow for travel and street photography, by Michael Leski
  • 20 Useful tips for travel photography, by Sebastian Boatca
  • My love for Land and Seascapes, by Julien Grenouillet
  • Portrait and Street Photography: Interview and Portfolio, by Iliyan Bozhinov
  • X100T: An every day affair?, by Anthony Owen Jones
  • Fuji X70. A New Class Act, by Ivan Joshua Loh
  • How Fuji enhance my passion for photography, by Tomić Dalibor
  • Documentary Wedding Photography with Fuji X-T1: Some thoughts on creativity, by Paul Richards
  • The story of my passion for Fuji X-E2, by Saqib Shams
  • From DSLR to Fuji: Story of the brazilian photographer Klayfe Rohden and his beautiful feminine portraits with X-T10, by Klayfe Rohden   

How much does it cost?
Each monthly issue will cost ONLY 2,00€ (about 2.30 USD) – yes, you read it right! – if bought individualy, or ONLY 20,00€ for an annual subscription.

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