My photography life with Fuji X30

After qualifying from an Art Secondary School, in my hometown of Bath, I intended to pursue a career in art or design.

However, at that time, 1971, the opportunities were very limited, so needing to earn some money I found myself working in a shop, and that just happened to be a camera shop!
It wasn’t long before I was bitten by the photography bug!

Many years and many cameras later, film and digital, I continue with my love of photography, and art, with a greater enthusiasm and passion than ever.

I take photographs primarily for my own enjoyment and pleasure, from seeking out a subject to post processing.

Since becoming a Fuji camera user, I have fallen in love with photography all over again. The compactness, yet specifications and features of the X30, provide pretty much all I need (though am saving for a bigger sensor model) and the quality and tolerance of the Jpegs mean less time and effort in Lightroom.

In fact, though I shoot RAW + Jpeg, I find I a lot of the time I prefer what the Jpeg engine produces over an edited Raw file!

I try to be creative and look for the unusual in the usual, working towards my own style while experimenting within the various themes.

As mentioned, I use a Fuji X series premium compact camera plus Adobe Lightroom. I’m shooting a lot of street/urban since using the X30 and have the film simulation set to B/W+R with a preference for dark blacks and shadows using the in camera settings and then some tweaking, usually dodging and burning, in Lightroom. When shooting colour I set to Classic Chrome.

The joy of photography, for me, is that it’s something I can do when and where ever I want, I can be as creative as I as like, and though appreciation from one’s peers is always welcome, if I like it then that’s all that matters.


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