Fujifilm XF23mm F/2 overview (with video)



Was morning of November 29th when half of our city (Riga, Latvia) was sitting in traffic, I went to bog not far from my home. Just about 30 min by car.

While taking my kids to school and kinder garden, I saw sunrise will be beautiful and same with rest of a day. So I went to bog.

After I arrived, weather was just great – warm (about -1C), sunny and windless. And I was alone.

While driving to bog, I decided to try to make a video and talk a little about new Fujinon XF23/2 lens and here’s what I got.

Fuji X-T2 . Fuji XF23mmF2R . f/16 . 1/80″ . ISO 200
Fuji X-T2 . Fuji XF23mmF2R . f/11 . 1/125″ . ISO 200
Fuji X-T2 . Fuji XF23mmF2R . f/8 . 1/200″ . ISO 200
Fuji X-T2 . Fuji XF23mmF2R . f/2 . 1/3200″ . ISO 200
Fuji X-T2 . Fuji XF23mmF2R . f/8 . 1/300″ . ISO 200

"From Riga - Latvia. A photographer doing what he likes the most!"

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