MOVIE: “At The Edge Of The Sea – A photographic journey with landscape photographer Andy Mumford”



We’re proud to announce the release of our first photography film.

“At The Edge of the Sea” is an informative and inspirational 66 minute film following professional landscape and Fujifilm X Photographer Andy Mumford as he captures waterscapes on the wild coast of mainland Europe’s most westerly point and at the iconic Vasco da Gama bridge across Lisbon’s river Tejo.

Over the course of two separate shoots at sunset and sunrise Andy addresses the unique set of challenges that come with coastal photography sharing his field technique and post-processing practice, as well as his inspirations.

Featuring stunning cinematography in two breathtaking locations, this comprehensive guide follows each step of the creative process from setting up on location to getting the best out of the RAW file in post processing.


  • Composing an image for dramatic effect
  • Capturing moving water with slower shutter times
  • Using graduated neutral density filters
  • Using neutral density filters for long exposures
  • Shooting a range of exposures to blend together later in post processing
  • Using Adobe Lightroom to prepare an image for processing in Photoshop
  • Making adjustments on separate layers in Photoshop
  • Using Luminosity masks to make contrast adjustments and exposure blending

Available as a digital download, this is an essential guide to waterscape photography and fully captures the essence of getting out and shooting At The Edge of the Sea.

The price of the film is €16.00 (about USD 16.90) and you will be able to choose between the FullHD 1080p version or the 720p for slower internet connections.

[Note for EU customers only: over this price is applied the local VAT tax.]

Among all the ones who acquire the film until 31st January we will raffle 5 prints signed by Andy Mumford!



Find more about Andy’s work:


  1. Really enjoyed this video. Great to see Andy’s standpoint on capturing costal shots. It did raise a couple a questions thou. I really struggle seeing where the ND grad lies within the Fuji X-T1’s Viewfinder and Live View screen. Both screens seem to compensate. Any advice would be great. Thanks

    1. Hi James, sorry for only responding to this comment now, I didn’t see it. It seems that it’s hard to see from the screen on the video, but in real life the edge of the graduation on the ND grads is very clear either through the EVF or the LCD screen when you put it on. If you’re shooting in auto, the camera will adjust exposure to compensate for the fact that the sky is now darker, but this is fine as the camera will give you an accurate exposure with the filter.

    1. On this particular shot there foreground was quite a way in front of the camera (3 or 4 meters) and as I was shooting above f8 I knew the image would be sharp front to back. As it happened though I set the focus point on the bridge.

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