Fujifilm X100F, XT20 and GFX – all you need to know just in one place!


Today is a great day! Today Fujifilm officially announced the new Fujifilm X100F, XT20 and GFX camera models. These are some great news to all Fuji passionists!

We’re sure you will search everything there is to know about these new cameras. In order to make it easier for you, below we’ll list the best articles and videos about them, all in one place at the reach of a mouse click.




First Look: Fujifilm X-T20 review by Bjorn Moerman


The Ultimate Seeing Machine by Olaf Sztaba

X100F by Matthew Hart

First Look: Fujifilm X100F review by Bjorn Moerman

Two months with the X100F by Adrian Murray

Fujifilm X100F Review – Fourth Iteration of the Classic Fuji Camera by Kevin Mullins

Coming Home – The New Fujifilm X100F by Ian Macdonald

The Fujifilm X100F Review – Fantastic Fourth by Jonas Rask


The Fujifilm GFX 50S Review – Portable Beast by Jonas Rask

Fuji GFX – High res samples and an appraisal by Damien Lovegrove




Palle Schultz on X-T20

Felipe García Segovia x fashion

Saraya Cortaville x Portrait

X-T20: Elke Vogelsang x Dogs

X-T20 Camera – First Look

Fuji X-T20 & X100F Hands-On First Look


Derek Clark x Documentary

Chris Upton x Landscape

Kevin Mullins x Street Photography

Gabriele Lopez x Urban Photography

Maurizio Faraboni x Street Photography

Kiriako Iatridis “X100F and leafshutter”

David Cleland x Documentary

Matt Hart x Street Photography

David airob x Street photography

Szymon Szczesniak x Documentary

Vojtech Hurych “Storyteller”

Thorsten Rother x Travel

Bob Sala x Street

Tim Georgeson x Documentary

First Impressions: Fujifilm X100F

FUJIFILM X100F Camera – First Look

X100F: Riccardo Spatolisano and photography

X100F: Rommel Bundalian x Travel


GFX challenges with Wayne Johns

GFX challenges with Sangsun Ogh

GFX challenges with Knut Koivisto

GFX challenges with Claire Rosen

First Look with Omar Robles

GFX challenges with Supalerk Narubetkraisee

GFX challenges with Seiichi Nakmura

GFX challenges with Kazuo Watanabe

GFX challenges with Victoria Wright

GFX challenges with Jan Gonzales pt.2

GFX challenges with Serkan Günes

GFX challenges with Piet Van den Eynde

GFX challenges with Romeo Balancourt

GFX challenges with Luciano Romano

GFX challenges with Per-Anders Jörgensen

GFX challenges with Ivan Joshua Loh

GFX challenges with Yinghui Wu

GFX challenges with Itaru Hirama

GFX challenges with Minoru Kobayashi

GFX challenges with Natan Sans

GFX challenges with Pål Laukli

GFX challenges with Philippe Marinig

GFX challenges with Satoshi Minakawa

GFX challenges with Hiroshi Nonami

GFX challenges with Victor Liu

FUJIFILM GFX 50S Camera – First Look


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