Fuji 18mm F2 lens quick review


Colin Nicholls

"I'm Colin, I'm a wedding and editorial photographer shooting in a documentary style with all Fujifilm X series cameras, I shoot in a very relaxed and honest way always trying to get a realistic shot over anything too contrived."

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The Fuji 18mm F2 lens. Often overlooked and pitted for being the ‘worst’ of the X Lens lineup this little, almost pancake lens packs a pretty good punch for it’s size and can be had for a real bargain these days.

This review [like all my others] doesn’t focus on charts and such, its real photos I take with this lens, all edited to my style its not so much about the quality and optical characteristics of this lens as it is about the kind of photos you can take with it.

That being said this review is image heavy, to the point and will hopefully give you an idea of adding this little beauty to you kit bag will do for you, enjoy.

I use this lens throughout my work, for weddings its a great one for getting in venue shots or a wide shot of a room, it’s nice and small and plenty fast enough at F2. I find it most useful as a landscape lens where the weight really helps, people always compare this lens to the 14mm, but to me that’s unfair, yes they are both wides but the 18mm is so much cheaper, smaller, faster and lighter, sometimes you don’t need those extra 4 mm.

Really rather good, get nice and close and you can create some interesting out of focus backgrounds, being a small lens means getting closer isn’t too much of a problem so your not up in any ones face. I prefer this to the 18-55 zoom lens, something about it just feels better when using it.

Ok so that was a super quick review, but there are load of images so crack on with those, over all its a great lens, if you are thing of getting it then do you’ll be happy, especially when you realise it can fit in your pocket!