The Fuji X100F – A Review

The Fuji X100F – Number Four.

I was very lucky to get a place on a ‘touch and try’ day with the Fujifilm X100F, we met down in London for the morning to have a play with the new camera and a bit of a Photowalk.

Armed with one of the only X100F’s in the country at the time, we headed out down Oxford street.

Kevin Mullins led the walk with some of the Fuji reps, if you would like to read a much more in depth review of this camera head over to Kevin’s website.

The following is a brief review of what I thought of the camera and a few photos, enjoy.


X100T vs X100F

The differences between these two cameras are much like the jump from X100 to X100T, upon first contact with the new camera everything feels more responsive and snappy.

Physically the camera only has minor differences, all the buttons on the right hand side are great and the ISO dial on top is a nice feature, it’s got plenty of customisable function buttons and a great LCD and viewfinder.

One of my favourite features is the move to the NP-W126 batteries which the rest of the Fuji range use, having one type of battery makes life so much easier.

Normal view
Generous cropping ability


Sadly I didn’t have my X100T to make any side by side comparisons, but in Lightroom the files are great, very detailed and having 24mp allows for more aggressive cropping, noise wise they look great.

At the time of writing this Lightroom does not support RAW for the X100F so these are all JPEG shots, once support comes out I’ll update his post with my thoughts on the RAW files.


– The menu system is much better and simplified.

– Compressed raw is great, saves space on cards (however not all programs can use it but Lightroom can so that’s all good)
– Build quality is the same
– The video options look good although I didn’t fully try this feature.
– The batteries are the same as the XE, XT series etc.
– The focus joystick is great
– The focus speed is nice and quick
– ISO 12800 is usable
– Side by side shots from the 16mp sensor the photos match up well, so no tweaking needed to get them to look the same
– 24mp is very crop-able
– Focus tracking is accurate and fast
– Burst shooting can be done at 4 different speeds
– You can take a single shot in burst mode much more easily than before

Hope you found that quick review useful, now the only question remains is will I upgrade? for me this camera is leaps ahead of the X100T (which is still a great camera) I think I’ll wait a while till the price comes down below £1k and trade in the X100T (with a mountain of batteries) and 23/1.4 and take the plunge.

It really is a stunning camera.

ISO 12800



"I'm Colin, I'm a wedding and editorial photographer shooting in a documentary style with all Fujifilm X series cameras, I shoot in a very relaxed and honest way always trying to get a realistic shot over anything too contrived."


  1. I keep trying to imagine what changes to my lifestyle and EDC would be necessary to carry one of these around. The photos are oh so lovely. But the practicality of it has me waiting a little longer for the rumored X80. Or Ricoh GR III. I love those Fuji colors, though, so let it be an X80.

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