Fujifilm makes Photography fun again

Innovation and creativity are my greatest qualities. As a “creative” head in very different industries (creation, development and marketing of games and puzzles… it’s a long time ago…), I began with photography about 12 years ago.

After some business trips in different beautiful places in this world, I perceived the beauty of nature and asked myself: why don’t you have a camera to fix all these beauties? Until then, I shoot the usual family photos (communion, baptism, vacation) with a small analog camera.

My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot A85, which I purchased in an electronic supermarket. Since than, I did not have any idea about photography. I was really convinced by the vendor of this supermarket to buy this small camera. I remember exactly the words of the vendor: “Do you really know what you are holding in your hands? A 4 megapixel camera!!!!

I tell him that I have a business trip in the next weeks and that I want to use the camera especially for this reason. He replied: Just reduce the pixel size to 2 megapixels, then you get twice as many pictures on the 256 MB memory card. And that’s exactly what I did, I dumb. The few “usable” images were from Angkor Wat.

One of my business customers was a member of a photo club. I told him about my trips in foreign countries and the beautiful landscapes I discovered. He invited me to join him on a meeting of this club.

There, I learned everything you need to know about photography, including the image processing. I am still a member, for almost 10 years.

My first “real” camera was a Nikon D70S. With this camera, I finally made my first suitable attempts; it followed a Nikon D200 – I became something better – and offer me the Nikon D800 for my 60th birthday. I was excited!

With this camera I won the first prize of an internal competition of the photo club some years ago. For me, this camera was a dream… but for my many business trips, this caliber was of course to heavy to transport. So, I buy a small pocket camera: the Canon Powershot S95, with which I could achieve some nice snapshots. But the image quality was not comparable with these of the D800.

A little bit later, at an exhibition of a friendship photo club, I saw for the first time a Fujifilm camera: the Fuji X100. During the conversation with the member of this photo club, he invited me to take some pictures with his camera… I was thrilled!!!… and I took immediately the decision to buy the Fujifilm X-E1 with the 18-55mm lens, the ideal camera for my business trips. Although this camera was somewhat heavier than the Canon Powershot S95, but the quality difference was immense. The most of the pictures I took with the X-E1 were and are still in Jpeg. What a pleasure to use this camera!!! It just made fun.

Although it is not the fastest, but the picture quality is the finest. Especially in “Street” photography, because of its lightness and shape, it allows an ideal stalking. The 18-55mm lens is the finest and I guess that, still today, I make about 70% of all pictures with this lens, even with the X-T2, which I bought in 2016.

The X-T2 is, of course, an improvement again… above all, in terms of speed and autofocus. Since I (still) do not make sports photos, I use the speed exclusively in the animal photography.

My favorite subjects are the “Street” photography, landscape, nature, old abandoned industrial plants, and sometimes macro photography. The “best” pictures emerge more and more by random situations in the “street” photography… you have to be fast and the camera must be ready any time.

Meanwhile, the number of lenses I bought, has grown. Naturally, the 55-200mm lens is the ideal complement to the 18-55mm lens. The quality of this tele lens is also fantastic, especially with the X-T2. The absolute top lens in the zoom area is the 10-24mm: world class !!! Here, Fujifilm has reach the highest level.

In addition to the zoom lenses, I also have some “primes” like the 23mm F 1.4, the 35mm F 1.4 and the 60mm macro. All these lenses make excellent pictures, especially in “low – light” situations.

What to add? The Fujifilm lenses and the cameras are the best I ever held. They are easy, work “on my command”; “Almost unnoticed” when they are used in “street” photography. I still have the Nikon D 00 with many prime and zoom lenses… I use them only for music concerts…

I hope that Fujifilm continues to focus on quality. After all, only the quality of a product is a guarantee for a long life… this is true in every industry.

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"I was born in Verviers (Belgium) in 1952. I am a Belgian, in blood and spirit. That means that I’m open minded, flexible and a convinced European. I spent my youth in Eupen, near the German border and still live in the same area. Proud husband and father of 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren, I never left my roots. My multilingualism (French, German, Dutch, English) and my faith in success has brought me very far. Now, I’m retired, and the time I have now, allows me to put and train creativity in my veins."

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