“Best Of” Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine – a Special Edition for the Summer 2017!

Hi everybody!

If you are about to go on vacation and wish to take a good read for the trip;
If you are new to the Fuji X Passion project and you want to recover the previous articles without having to buy all the earlier magazines;
If you are an occasional reader and want a magazine with the most popular articles.

We’ve got something you do not want to miss: the “Best Of” Fuji X Passion magazine – a Special Edition for the Summer 2017!

Composed by 300 pages with a selection of our 20 most popular articles, all condensed into a single volume and ready to go with you on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Among many others, you will find interesting articles like:

  • My Camera Setup and Settings for Fuji X Cameras, by Robert Clark
  • 20 useful tips for Travel Photography, by Sebastian Boatca
  • Fuji X-T2 in the real world, by Bryan Minear
  • My Icelandic journey with the X-T2 and how I ended up with Fuji, by Robert Doeleman
  • Mongolia. On the nomadic trails, by Richard Simko
  • Lisbon’s Wild Coast with Fuji X-T1, by Andy Mumford
  • Documentary Wedding Photography with Fuji X-T1, by Paul Richards

This 300 pages special edition costs only 6,50€ and you can download it right now to your smartphone or tablet.

Hope you enjoy it. And, if you’re about to go on vacation, have a nice trip!



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