Master your FUJIFILM camera with Dan’s X SERIES UNLIMITED eBook

The Fuji X Passion readers already know the magnificent work of Dan Bailey from his amazing participation on the latest edition of our printed magazine (Volume 3). But, besides being such a talented photographer, Dan is probably the person who better knows Fuji cameras and how to get the most out of their capabilities. His outstanding portfolio is the proof of this statement.

Below you will find a presentation of Dan’s ebook, but the best part is that you can save 25% on its price by using the coupon: FXP25



This 329-page guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to gain mastery with your Fuji and achieve maximum performance from your camera and total creative liberation with your photography.


“I meet a lot of X Series users who are super excited about the gear, but who don’t even know a fraction of what their cameras can do. This is not surprising, and it’s certainly no comment on them as intelligent or competent shooters.

​For as clean and classic as they are on the outside, when you dig deep, you find that there is an astonishing set of features tucked away inside all of the X Series models. And it’s not like the manual is very helpful. While it explains every single feature, they don’t really tell you how to use these features in real life.

​That’s where I come in.

Having shot with the X Series cameras for nearly six years, and worked closely with with the FUJIFILM tech reps and product managers, and having taught numerous Fuji-specific workshops and classes, I know these cameras inside and out.

I know how they function out in the real world and I’ve tested them with a wide range of subject matter, often in extremely challenging conditions, environments and shooting situations. As a professional photographer, X Series ambassador, instructor and expert user, I feel I’m exactly the right person to write this guide.




X Series unlimited is comprehensive, well-illustrated and clear, logically set out with fantastic cross-references and written in such a friendly non-pretentious style that it is almost as though you were alongside the reader.

So many allegedly helpful books are sterile, analytical works that once you put them down you cannot pick them up! Anyone would think that XSeries Unlimited was written by someone who not only has gift for teaching, an in-depth knowledge of using the cameras in the field, boundless enthusiasm, practicality and a real understanding of people.

Roger Sinclair

Every feature. Every Camera. Plus real-world tips and insight. ​

Inside this 50,000+ word Fuji ebook, I cover every single feature, every single menu item and function and more importantly, I tell you (and show you with imagery) exactly how to use these features in actual shooting situations out in the world.

X SERIES UNLIMITED is not just for the X-T2, or any particular camera model, it’s for EVERY SINGLE MODEL. Most of the features found on the FUJIFILM X Series cameras are common to all the models, even older camera like the X-E1 and the original X100; even on the X10/20/30. You won’t find every feature on the first-generation models, but you’ll find many of them, and certainly enough to help you make great pictures!

Plus, it’s very easy to navigate. I’ve included a “linkable” Table of Contents, that lets you quickly find the topics you need and browse the book in whatever way you want. You can use it as a quick reference, or you can dive in and explore topics in depth that pertain to you or your style.​

In addition, I cover a number of topics that expand on how to get the most from your FUJIFILM camera system with regards to creative approach and method. These are based on how the cameras were designed and also how we, as humans respond and relate with photography in general.​

I’ve helped many photographers get the most from their X Series cameras, online, and in personal workshops, classes and in-store events. I’ve explained countless features in great detail and helped people set up and optimize their cameras, solve problems and troubleshoot common, and sometimes, uncommon issues.

Get this. I got it yesterday and am enjoying it immensely. If you are an X Series photographer this is the best guide you can get.

Patrick McGownd

Now let me help you.

Between my X Series knowledge, my experience and my genuine passion for sharing my photography insight with others, I’m confident that I can help you get the most from your Fuji camera, not matter what kinds of subjects you like to shoot.

If you take the time to learn and master even a few of the these features, you’ll be able to take your creative and technical skills to a whole new level of proficiency. In addition, you’ll get my monthly Fuji newsletter which is full of camera and photography tips and creative insight.

I know you’re going to love this book, and I hope it helps you enjoy the kind of technical mastery and creative liberation I experience with my own photography.

Let X SERIES UNLIMITED take you there. Here’s what’s included in the book:


save 25% on its price by using the coupon: FXP25