Fringer’s Fujifilm X-mount smart adapter – A new universe of possibilities for Fujifilm photographers

Fringer is a developers that has been working hard to create a lens adapter for Fujifilm cameras, capable of accepting EF lenses (Canon mount). The proper word would be “smart adapter”, the EF-FX Pro, because it enables autofocus and aperture control from your Fujifilm camera, with AF speeds no weaker that the native XF / XC lenses (at least not noticeable).

Using all PDAF points in Fujifilm cameras, this adapter promises a new world of wonderful possibilities. Where Fujifilm may lack a certain lens with a specific focal length and aperture, Canon (with his long history of AF lenses), could provide, via this smart adapter. This is something many of us are very interested in.

Stay tuned and read Fuji X Passion news, as we gather new interesting things in the Fujifilm world.


Curated by Sebastian Boatca




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