Kipon joins the “club” of Canon EF lens adapters for Fujifilm cameras

After the news about the development of 2 different Canon EF lens adapters for Fujifilm X mount that will enable the autofocus and aperture control from your camera, one made by Steelsring and the other by Fringer, we have news about Kipon, joining the race in building such an adaptor for Fuji X mount, but also for GFX cameras as well.

The EF-FX AF will be an autofocus adapter for Fujifilm X mount cameras, but the interesting part is that the Baveyes EF-FX AF 0.7x model will also include a focal reducer, something similar to what the speed-booster adapters from Metabones do.

This will offer you a gain of 1-Stop of light and also the equivalent field of view of your lens, as if mounted on a full-frame sensor camera.


Curated by Sebastian Boatca



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