Fujifilm X100F – a new camera with an old lens?

We often hear about the X100F and how great it is for those who need a small, but powerful camera, retaining the capabilities of its bigger brother, the X-Pro2.

If you love street photography, you like to travel and have a compact camera with no compromise in image quality, or you simply want a backup camera for your Fujifilm system, the X100F is a great choice for so many photographers.

The defining features of the X100F are the hybrid viewfinder, the small and elegant body, built in that retro rangefinder-ish look, the large sensor and the fixed 23mm F2.0 lens. About its performance, there are plenty of sources on the internet, but what about this 23mm F2.0 lens? Does it cope with the requirements of today’s standards? Arne Seifert takes a more detailed look into the X100F’s lens capabilities.

You can read the full article in Arne’s website HERE.


Curated by Sebastian Boatca



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