Improving the ergonomics of Fujifilm X-E3

Fujifilm X-E3 is the latest mirrorless camera that keeps the rangefinder look and packs the most relevant technology of the day. It’s very much similar with the X-T20 sibling, featuring the 24MP APS-C sensor with X-Trans colour filter array, improved AF tracking, Wi-Fi with Bluetooth for connection to a smartphone, shutter speed and exposure comp dials, twin clickable command dials, up to 325 focus points selectable from a joystick, 4K video and USB charging.

It is smaller than its predecessor, the X-E2S, in every way, also lighter and this is a good way for portability, but it can affect the ergonomics, especially for the photographer with larger hands, or those using larger and heavier zoom lenses. A hand grip could be a cheap and simple solution to improve the manoeuvrability of this new camera and Meike already made one.

Photos by Damian Brown


Curated by Sebastian Boatca




  1. Hi. Thanks linking to my video!

    Could you credit the stills that were taken from it please? A clickable link to the video with my name is fine 🙂

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