A true and valuable review of Fujifilm X-H1

As the new X-H1 is here, it is possible that the internet is starting to get flooded with personal reviews and pages with technical specs, comparisons with other Fujifilm models, or even other camera brands.

In this context, it’s very relevant for the user experience to find out how the X-H1 performs in real life. A Fujifilm X Photographer’s point of view could be one of the most valuable teachings, regarding a new Fujifilm camera and Bert Stephani’s experience is truly appreciated by many photographers.

A review made by a huge consumer electronics magazine and a very detailed technical specification sheet are not enough to convince you this is, or not, the best camera model for you. But a true photographer, speaking with his own words, even being slightly subjective can truly offer the most comprehensive and useful image about using a new camera. Bert’s review does exactly that.



Curated by Sebastian Boatca



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