Why I don’t need full frame

Here it is, the thousandth blog post about someone switching to Fujifilm. I know it’s boring so I’ll be brief. All I want really is just to explain you why I’ve decided to switch and why you are going to find a lot of Fujifilm contents on this blog going forward.

As some of you probably already know in September last year I went to Venice and I brought with me a Fujifilm GFX 50S that Fujifilm kindly loaned me.

Besides being an amazing camera, the GFX really opened my eyes about the benefits of using a mirrorless system so, about two months ago, I went all in and I bought a Fujifilm X-T2 together with four Fujinon lenses.

Why Fujifilm? Well, it’s mostly a personal thing to be honest. I love using their cameras. I find them to be very inspiring for some reason and I think their lenses are just amazing. But, most importantly, shooting on Fujifilm will allow me to switch between a crop sensor and a medium format one extremely easily.

In fact, even though I’ve decided to go with the X Series first because of its size and versatility, I’m also planning to invest in the GFX System very soon.

For what I do and for what my needs are, I have to say I don’t feel the need to use a full frame camera anymore.

Full frame, at least for me, sounds a little like a middle ground today. It gives you a very good image quality and really good resolution but it comes with big heavy bodies or, at least, with big heavy lenses. And I’m sure it’s still the right choice for a lot of people but when it comes to me, if I get to choose, I would go with two different systems every time depending on my specific needs instead of going just ff. Let me explain.

I enjoy travelling a lot more with a lightweight kit that doesn’t hurt my back or weights me down. So, every time I can, I’ll choose the Fujifilm X Series. It still gives me an amazing image quality but in a small, compact and lightweight form factor. Then, if extreme resolution and top-notch image quality is what I’m going for, I would honestly rather have a medium format than a full frame camera with me. Being the size virtually the same I would go with the GFX just to be able to achieve that extra quality and that slightly different look that a medium format sensor provides.

So yes, that’s it, after almost six years of shooting on full frame I’ve decided to ditch it to go with two completely different but at the same time very similar camera systems: the small but great Fujifilm X Series and the not so big for a medium format GFX.

Even if my switch to Fujifilm is not yet complete (I’m still missing the GFX) I’ll keep you updated going forward and I’ll share with you my thoughts on the system, lenses, firmware updates etc.

So, if Fujifilm contents are what you’re looking for, I suggest you to stay in touch and follow me on Instagram to receive the latest updates. Bye for now!



Italian Fine Art photographer based in the United Kingdom. 

His aesthetics is based on his love for simplicity, minimalism and beauty. 

Constantly travelling, Giuseppe explores the world in search of his next photograph. To achieve his photographic vision, he prints his images in black and white, favouring misty weather. He usually shoots his photographs using long exposures and square aspect ratio, finding this emphasises line and shape and simplifies his composition.

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