BEHIND THE SCENES | Landscape Photography Workshop

Landscape is one of the most demanding disciplines of Photography. Few hours of sleep, cold mornings, rain, long journeys and hard to reach places are aspects quite familiar to all landscape photographers. And a good landscape photo, besides a high amount of luck and a lot of persistence, is essentially due to the combination of two main factors: being in an inspiring place and a having high level of technical knowledge.

And it was precisely these conditions we sought to provide to all those who participated in the workshop we held a couple of weeks ago. We took everyone to discover Southeastern Portugal, one of the lesser known regions, but nevertheless the perfect scenery with its beaches and cliffs. And to lead the group, no one better than Phil Norton, Nisi Filters ambassador, one of the current references in landscape photography and master in the use of filters.

We would like to thank all participants for their presence, good mood and team spirit. And to remember the best moments of this fantastic Workshop we would like to share this video.



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