The Fuji X-Pro3 was officially announced

It is here! 3 years after, the long-awaited replacement of the X-Pro2 was finally announced by Fuji.

Regarding the specs, as you already know, it’s pretty much the same as the X-T3. So what makes this camera special, what would lead you to buy this instead of the X-T3?

  • To start, the rangefinder type format. And there is no doubt that this is a good looking camera. But this time Fuji went even further, with the rear screen hidden by default, forcing you to tilt it if you want to use it. There is no doubt that this makes it even more “purist” than the 2 previous versions and Fuji is showing more clearly that this is a camera for photographers. Do you want a hybrid photo/video camera? Buy the X-T3 instead.
  • Then there is the material used in the construction of the camera: titanium. Anyone who remembers the beautiful Contax G1 and G2 will surely love it. There is a price to pay for this exclusivity, but we’ll go there in a minute.
  • The hybrid OVF/EVF viewfinder. The X-T3 has an EVF only. If you prefer to use an optical viewfinder, this is the only way to go (or the X100F…).
  • Finally, there are the colours available. The basic back paint finish, and the new Duratect technology, which is a coating applied to deliver a stronger resistance against scratches. Available in DR Black and DR Silver, this option adds $200 to the price.
X-Pro3 Black
X-Pro3 DR Black
X-Pro3 DR Silver

So the decision is up to you. If you want a multipurpose high-quality camera, for stills and video, go for the X-T3 instead. But if you prefer a stylish, durable camera, that makes you want to go out and shoot as you did in the old days, without “chimping”, focusing solely on your subjects, an exclusive camera made of titanium, the X-Pro3 is the ONLY way to go.

As usual, we have prepared a set of videos and articles that you can check for more in-depth information about this camera:

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