Premium Practical Guide: Upside Down

From now on, whenever possible, we will offer our Premium readers practical guides, explained step by step, with ideas for making it “at home” with your Fuji equipment. The idea is that this way, you can train, use, and know your camera and lenses more thoroughly. If, in the meantime, you have ideas to suggest, our doors are always open. We hope you enjoy this first guide.    Photography goes far beyond what our eyes see. What it often seems is not always effective. And this is what, in this step by step article, we will try to show you. The idea is not original, nor precisely new. Using a simple (but even simple) trick, let’s give a new life to a photograph that would otherwise be unoriginal. And to be able to carry out a similar experience you don’t need top of the line equipment. In this guide, we used the Fuji X-T2 and the XF18-55mmF2.8-4 lens. Because it is such a versatile lens, it is always attached to the camera, always ready to take action. Even with a compact one, you can get good results. You need to look for the right spot, serve or ask someone to be your model, a camera, and a lens. Then it is to play with the composition, expression of the portrayed and… 1- Before looking for a place to carry out this practical guide. Look for a space that has a hole in the floor, or is cracked or broken. A road with potholes is not difficult to find, although you should try to choose one with little or no traffic because the model will have to lie on the floor for some time. If you invited a friend to model, ask him to lie on the floor and put one or both hands in the hole so that it looks like you are clinging to it. This is crucial because we want to give the idea in the future that the person is trying to avoid falling over a cliff. 2- Now, you should pay attention to some aspects that are of vital importance: the expression and position of the model, its framing, and, finally, the focusing and opening of the diaphragm. But let’s go in parts. In this image, the position is not the most indicated. There is no effort on the part of the model, leading to a very unsatisfactory result. CONTINUE READING…

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