Premium Photography videos that are changing (or have changed) my self-isolation

The title may lead you to think that I am isolated and that I have finished all Netflix series, all magazines and books, on paper or virtual. Or that I spend my life running to the fridge every five minutes to see if I’m hungry, or if I’ve lost control over my stomach.

But I will be honest: I am in isolation with the family. With a five-year-old kid who just wants to play or watch videos on a tablet, phone or game console. With a teenager who is both responding to friends on Instagram, watching a series on Netflix, as well as doing a math or story sheet. My wife is teleworking. And I, contrary to what you may be thinking, have been working even harder now than in the pre-coronavirus era. At home, safely.

However, as I don’t have to travel so often, as the younger ones do not require more attention, as I start working earlier, I find myself, having finished the tasks (professional and home) of the day, getting to bed already well beyond the usual time. And because I usually don’t sleep much, I take advantage of the silence of the hour and the comfort of the bed to watch some films, or videos, of photography, mostly. What else could it be, right?

I am not so interested in videos about equipment reviews and comparisons. I see them too, although I am not that fond of it. I prefer videos about inspiring stories; of photographers who make this art their profession, some for many decades; interviews; practical videos on how to do it, whether in editing or some photographic technique; behind the scenes videos. In short, I like to watch videos that are more practical, inspiring or with people who really make a difference.

So I decided to create and share with you all a list of some of the videos that have been with me all night. There are videos with photographers who use Fuji equipment as a work tool. Others that show photographers who don’t use Fuji equipment, but who are a reference in the world of photography. There are also photographers who are not a reference, nor use Fuji, they still have an above-average piece of work. There are videos that are aesthetically beautiful. Others that reveal interesting techniques. Others that are truly inspiring and that were it not for this isolation would lead us to leave the house with the backpack on our backs.

This list was not organized by any kind of order, nor by any kind of preference. They were (are) videos that I like, liked and I won’t mind reviewing for some time if they are still available. Some you may have already seen. Others you may not. You will like some more than others. It’s normal. In the end, what matters is that you spend a good bit of time, that you forget the most complicated times we all live in, that you gain even more interest in photography, that you feel a huge desire to go out the door to fill your memory cards with photographs. You will have time for all this, absolutely. For now, stay safe. These suggestions will help to kill some time.


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Co-Editor and co-founder of the Fuji X Passion project. Portuguese photographer with passion for landscape photography.