This is a project created by Nick Salazar and Eduardo Asenjo, Nick works in wedding and portrait photography, while Eduardo works as Street photographer, ambassador of and Fujifilm Chile, both in love with Fujifilm.

It all started with the first project we created “Lotus flower”. The main idea was to mix our techniques, portraits and colors of Nick, and Eduardo’s daytime long exposure.

For this second project, we focused on the sea and the movement of the waves. The first thing was to find the place, Valdivia is ideal since it is a city that was considered “the key of the South Sea”, being a strategic enclave for access to the Pacific Ocean.

Three days before the photoshoot, we went to explore the coast of Valdivia with Camila Jerez to find the perfect place, we toured the main beaches of the coast but the main problem was that there were many people during the season and space was limited.

We continued searching and we arrived at a beach that is more secluded and hidden from the others, “Loncoyen” located 24 km from the center of Valdivia, the conditions were perfect, very high rocks, perfect sand and plenty of space for creativity.

The second part was the most complex, finding the models, luckily Camila had contacts and got Sofia and Constanza in record time. To make sure we needed one more model and our star model Yesenia appeared. As always we were very anxious to start, always with the time against, since we only had a couple of hours to make the session, we met with Nick, Camila and our models near the Valdivia bus station. This time we were more prepared, with tripods, change clothes, towels, coffee and eager for everything to work.

Arriving at the beach we realized that we forgot a very important issue, the wind, the temperature was fine but the wind is very cold on the coast, it no longer seemed summer and this juice us against, we had less time to take photos or our models would get sick.

While Camila took care of the models’ makeup, with Nick we went to explore the place and find the perfect rock for the photos. When we started with the photos I realized that it was much more difficult than I thought, the rocks are very irregular and accommodating the tripod was a nightmare, with each passing minute, our models froze more at sea. After some photos, we changed position and we went directly to the water, supporting our tripods in the sand.

Logically, we had 3 problems: when you do a long exposure in the city with a tripod you just have to be aware that the model does not move, but in this case, when the wave hits the model, she moves, and the water also drags and sinks the tripod. In order not to kill the models, we were switching them every 10 minutes so they could drink coffee and shelter.

At the end of the day, we grabbed our things and left the beach. I was never sure if the photos would be fine until I arrived at the PC, and I was afraid that it was not what we were looking for with the project. I was just sure we had an amazing time.

Checking the photos at home I realized that if that was what we were looking for, Nick had very little time to edit all his photos since he had a trip to Europe in a couple more days. This time, each one edited his own photos, each with his own style.

The technique we used was a long daytime exposure. Nick with his Fujifilm X-T2 + 56mm f/1.2 + 16mm f/1.4 + ND, and Eduardo with his Fujifilm X100F + ND variable. The settings were f/9 ~ f/11, ISO 200 and 0.5 ~ 1S. The project’s name was inspired by the song of one of our favorite bands, Radiohead.

Recommendations for this type of photos: Avoid the waves and find a place with little wind; Use a minimum focal length of 50mm to avoid putting the tripod directly into the sea; Be aware of the times in the water, to take care of the models; Make sure you have changes of clothes and something warm for them to drink.

Eduardo Asenjo:
Nick Salazar: 

Make-up artist:
Camila Jerez Fernandez:

Yesenia Vidal: @yeseniavidalj
Sofía Riquelme: @sofia.rlopez
Constanza Pacheco: @tannnchi

Eduardo Asenjo Matus, was born in Valdivia Chile on October 5, 1990. Street photographer, former student of Architecture and Graphic Design, Fujifilm-X Chile and ambassador. The Photography love began in 2008, then I studied photography independently. At the beginning of 2017 I started my first project 'The Sound of Silence' black and white street photography, the idea was to show the world how I listen to the city. I have hearing problems and I wanted to show that in my work. To listen to someone I need to eliminate all the noise of other people and concentrate in one voice, representing the noise with blur and movement in the image. I share this project in social networks and is exposed in different countries such as Ecuador, Spain, India, Chile and magazines such as Black & white minimalism magazine, Eye photo magazine and Black magazine, DNG Photo Magazine, Soul of streets and Streets Magazine.

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