Look on the Bright Side – XF50mm F1.0 WR

Say hello to the newly minted Fujifilm XF50mm F1.0 WR lens. Shots taken with this new lens just pops! Name it anyway you prefer, 3-D, dimension, depth, etc. In a nutshell, the photographic results just pops!

It’s been a long journey in the making for this F1.0 lens. I remembered having a couple of conversation with a Fujifilm staff. Sharing with him that Fujifilm should look into creating a legendary lens. Maybe a XF35mm F1.0 and that conversation was years ago.

From rumors to a actual name; XF33mm F1.0. From a name to nothing as it was axed from the product timeline. I believe that I wasn’t the only one saddened and disappointed with this news. There must be many technical and business challenges to make this lens a reality.

Moving forward, the announcement of XF50mm gives me another hope. In a different focal length. When I was first handed XF50mm F1.0, it feels rather big. I don’t have the technically specs at the point of writing but it has a 77mm diameter, Weather resistance and weights at 850 grams. That is according to my wife’s green kitchen weighting scale. Below is a size comparison photos with a XF16-55mm lens. What do you think of the size?

At 850 grams it’s not feather weight. I guess that is the only downside. If you own the XF80mm F2.8 Macro lens; that is 750 grams. So you could roughly feel how heavy it is. At 850 grams is not a deal breaker.

The fun part of using a lens exclusively for a period of time; one learn to work around it. No lens is perfect right? I have taken this lens through it paces. Any genre of portraits taken with this lens will not disappoint. The bokeh is buttery smooth and it’s tack sharp even at wide open. Plus it gives you an unrivaled subject separation. Its minimum focusing distant is at 70cm. Which I think its pretty decent.

This lens is certainly not perfect for street photography but I kind of learn to work with it and It’s pretty fun. At 50mm focal length; its 75mm equivalent for 35mm Format. I just shoot random photos wherever my two feet brings me. Below are some photos share. Needless to say, all shot at F1.0. Except for one shot that I accidentally turn the aperture ring.

The Auto Focus speed for this lens is surprisingly quick. Taking into consideration of the size of the glass. It’s certainly way faster than its closest rival, the XF56mm F1.2 APD.

In this focal range, Fujifilm eco system has 2 other lenses. The XF50mm F2 WR and the XF56mm F1.2. How does this 2 other lenses stack up against the new XF50MM F1.0?

There is only one real downside and it not the weight. I could handle 850 grams. And it not a deal breaker. The XF50mm F1.0’s advantage is also it’s main disadvantage. At F1.0 I face over exposing my photo even when using the electronic shutter up to 1/32000. This is a problem one would face when shooting in a bright sunny day.

Thankfully there is this simple solution, Variable ND Filter. If you plan to get this lens; please also include these filters. They are inseparable. After some research I gotten a pair of Moment variable ND filters. It’s a dual filter pack. The first filter is 2-5 stops and the other is 6-9 stops. A total 8 stops of variable ND control. During most of the day time shooting, I had the 2-5 stop Variable ND Filter screw on the XF50mm F1.0. They are a very well constructed filters.

If you plan to get the XF50mm F1.0 like myself, the good people at MOMENT have a promotion. Here is link for some savings for all fellow FujiFanBoys! I think if you bundle with the new XF50mm F1.0 WR you could get more deals. Here is the link https://moment.8ocm68.net/59ZMo

Shooting in the night, this lens will shine brightest. AF is snappy even in low light. Paired with X-T4 or X-H1’s IBIS, you have a marriage made in Heaven.

Final Thoughts.

As a Fujifilm X-photographer I have the privilege of testing many lenses. I don’t own all. I only purchase those that is essential to my work. Both the XF50mm F2 WR and the XF56mm F1.2 has it purpose in the Fujifilm Eco System set-up. XF50mm F2 is light, low-cost, fast AF, silent and WR. XF56mm F1.2 is still rather small compare with the XF50mm F1.0 and its a F1.2 lens which produces beautiful bokeh. The only question is XF56mm F1.2 APD which is now selling at USD$1499. It’s the same price as the XF50mm F1.0 WR.

The XF50mm F1.0 is certainly going to be in my set-up. If the rumour price of less than $1500 is true, this lens is truly of great value. If one is into Fashion, Documentary, Location portraits, Fine Art and of course, Weddings photography. This lens is essential. Having said that; who wanna buy my XF56mm F1.2 APD?

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An official Fuji X Photographer, is known for his quirky and different approach through his lens. He has received numerous accolades from the International Photography Award, New York and Photography Master Cup. Most Recently a Gold, 1st Place at the 2014 PX3 Prix De La Photographie in Paris. Ivan started shooting since his teenage years with his father’s Nikon SLR and he hasn’t stopped since. He has lensed campaigns for clients such as Singapore Airlines, MTV Asia, Nike, Bossini, Allianz Insurance, HSBC Insurance, DHL, TNT, Hilton Group, among many others.


  1. Thanks! You did exactly what I hoped someone would do, side by side with the 50mm f/1 and the 56mm f/1.2…. plus the 50mm f/2 (which I own and love).

    I was trying to imagine how f/1 would look versus f/1.2 given the few extra millimeters on the 56mm, and you did that.

  2. Excellent images, as well as review!
    For the 4 days I had mine, the experience was absolutely fantastic!
    I unfortunately had a copy that had large metallic debris within the lens elements so I had to return it and I now await my new copy which is on backorder.
    I waited 4 months for the bad copy, so here’s to hoping my new copy arrives soon.

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