City Blues – Photography Book, by Jorge Lens

In two weeks, this is the second time we write to tell you about a book, and that is something that makes us particularly happy. In just twenty years, we have seen photography move from almost entirely physical support, to being produced/consumed mostly (not to say practically exclusively) in digital format. So, it is great when we have the opportunity to hold onto a physical object, especially a book as beautifully designed as this one.

Jorge Lens is Professor of Photography at the University of Vigo, Spain, and was kind enough to present us with a copy of this City Blues, gathering in a book all the work of his exhibition “City Blues, La Ciudad Habitada”, that has been shown in several South American countries like San Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras.

With this project, City Blues, Jorge Lens aims to immortalize, through his camera, the pulse and life of the population of five historical European capitals (Athens, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Rome). The goal of this work is not to photograph the most touristy and well-known side of these cities, but to allow us to access unknown corners that show us very different realities from those we see in travel guides.

Shooting exclusively in colour, as he understands that it best represents the raw reality, through his work, Jorge intends to provoke reactions in the viewer, seeking to make every single image tell a story. 

In a square (24x24cm) format, this book is beautifully designed and well put together, printed in a semi-gloss paper, resulting in an excellent resolution and contrast, with deep blacks and a natural saturation that is pleasant to see.

Most of the photos in this book were captured with a Fuji X100T, and if you wish to see more of Jorge’s work, check out this article that we published on our website:

Be sure to check Jorge’s website and follow him on Instagram:

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