Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – November 2020

Hello everyone!

Here we are, in November. We work hard every month to offer you great content, great inspiration, a great insight of what’s going on in the world of the Fuji X system, showing you some of the best photographers and their images.

The November 2020 edition (+95 pages) of the Fuji X Passion Magazine is now ready for you with wonderful images and interesting articles!

The photographer who used to leave the lights at home
by Ciro Palomba

6 Simple ways to take more meaningful everyday photos
by Jeremy Piehler

The curve of time
by Nils Leonhardt

Capturing the urban mood
by Benny Van Den Bulke

When music and photography come together
by Miroslav Maršík

The beautiful symbiosis between a photographer and a photographer/model
by Rafael Malvar & Mariana Cheoo

A Call to Adventure… in Your Own Backyard

Ben Holbrook is a talented writer, photographer and filmmaker based on South Wales. Looking at the work of his heroes, like Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey, Ben aspired to live a life of travel and adventure just like them. And that’s exactly what he did for many years, working as a travel journalist and blogger, travelling around the world. After a decade living abroad and writing about his adventures, Ben returned home to Wales, with the ability to see beauty and creative opportunities in the everyday, and marvel at the mundane.

Nowadays, finding inspiration around home makes more sense than ever. This story will surely inspire you, and you can read it in this ebook, an integral part of this month’s magazine.

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