Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – February 2021

Hello everyone!

The February 2021 edition of FUJI X PASSION MAGAZINE is now available.

With some countries still closed, making it impossible to travel, nothing better than enjoying the time you spend at home to read the Fuji X Passion magazine. The February edition is truly inspiring, not only for the excellent articles but also for the spectacular images we have collected in more than 110 pages.

From landscape and travel to portrait photography, there are many reasons to open this issue on your computer or tablet, play that playlist with calm music, sit on the couch and let each page motivate you to pick up the photographic equipment and go out to shoot, even if it is just in your backyard.

In this new issue, we feature another group of talented photographers, passionate about the Fuji X system: Daniel Merino, Erik Schereder, Jerred Zegelis (cover photo), Krisztián Pordán, Nelson Wolf, Philippe Castagna.

Contributors | Summary

An adventure worth having
by Jerred Zegelis

Drinking from different fountains
by Daniel Merino

A burning Notre Dame
by Nelson Wolf

Portrait photography, From a hobby to a passion
by Krisztián Pordán

8772 Km - A journey from the South of Germany to the North Cape
by Erik Schereder

Billingham Hadley Small Pro: The full review
by Philippe Castagna


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