A letter from the newsroom

I am an editor at a Spanish news outlet. TV daily newscasts have always been my thing. I love journalism, but even the most exciting job, after so many years, can end up repeating itself. I started feeling the need for a different language to tell my own story, so I decided to return to a passion that always filled my soul: photography.

After googling for a couple of weeks, I finally went for a mirrorless camera and ended up with Fuji by chance… It just seemed to be the right fit for my budget. Now I’m hooked on this system, and I don’t regret it. I actually love it. I have an X-T2, the XF18-55mm kit lens, and the XF16mm F1.4. That’s my gear for now.

I started taking pictures at my workplace a year ago, precisely when this nightmare started. It wasn’t my intention, but I ended up picturing Covid-19 as a part of our everyday life. It has shaped the stories we cover, the interviews we make, but also how we work and how we interact with each other at the newsroom.

Masks are everywhere, and that determines the way I can reflect the work of my colleagues. Between facial expressions and body language, I had to rely on body language, composition and scenes. When I get my XF56mm F1.2 (next on my wish list), I will go for the eyes.

I know black and white is gimmicky and catchy; that if you add sharp and contrast, you can easily attract everyone’s attention… But I believe you are trained readers and viewers, and I wasn’t pretending. Offices are always grim. White neon lights make colours harsh and dull… That’s the reason for my choice. The outdoor pictures, well, they just had to follow the script.

I don’t believe this to be anything more than a snapshot of a unique period of our lives. It is a work in progress that I will share with my colleagues when this damn Covid story is over.

Be safe and take care.
Ricardo Harris. Journalist.

Ricardo Harris, 52 years old. News editor and communication specialist. I was born in Panama, and now I live and work in Madrid, Spain. I am passionate about so many things: International affairs, architecture, web design, books, jazz, my family… My latest and now most severe addiction is photography, in which I try to portray people and life as authentically as I can.


  1. “When I get my XF56mm F1.2 (next on my wish list)…”

    Do take a look at the 50mm f/2 lens. It is smaller, lighter, focuses faster and costs less. It is sharp from f/2 and in practice will still give a selective focus advantage over the zoom.

    I enjoyed looking at your photos. If picking Fujifilm was random, you made a good choice.

  2. Hi Albert. Thak you for your message.
    I will take a look at that lense. I have also read a lot about the Viltrox. I still dont know what I am going to do. But many many thanks for the tip.

    1. Albert Smith is right and I really agree with him. I have both 56 and 50 and I always use my 50 while 56 remains at home. Light, fast focusing, wr, sharp and f2 is ok.

  3. Hi Ricardo,
    very interesting insights from your workplace. The pictures are composed excellent and black & white was a very good choice. Please keep up your good work.
    Regards from Hamburg

  4. Nice pictures, I also work in TV news, but I am a photojournalist and work outside. I really enjoyed the window into your newsroom, on the other side of the world. We might be miles apart but the ” characters” in the newsroom look identical.

    All the best from California, Stefan

    1. Hi Stefan!!!
      Thanks for your comment. Great to hear from a colleague from the sunny California. Gosh, I have to visit that place. It’s on my wishlist, like the 56mm 😉
      Take care.
      Best regards from Spain.

    1. Thanks Matteo.
      I am enyoing your photos and your friend’s work at the f/50 collective.
      Big hug.
      Take care.

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