Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine – May 2021

Hello everyone!

The May issue has arrived. This edition features five fantastic and talented photographers and highlights their beautiful imagery, from portraits to landscapes. As always, each piece of work, each photograph, was made with a Fuji X camera. It was a pleasure for us to make this truly inspiring number with more than 110 pages.

In this new issue, discover the spectacular work of Jesse Yardley (cover photo), Nicolas Wauters, Maud Sallerin, Camila Jerez & Eduardo Asenjo and Luc Buffard-Morel

Contributors | Summary

Rediscovering my Passion for Photography
by Jesse Yardley
Love for Japan
by Nicolas Wauters
Fire of the soul
by Maud Sallerin
Soul Ties
by Camila Jerez & Eduardo Asenjo
The colour-blind traveller
by Luc Buffard-Morel

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