Printed magazine – Issue 2

With great satisfaction, we unveil the launch of the second edition of the Fuji X Passion printed magazine. After the success of the first issue, it was with enthusiasm that we embraced this new edition. In 140 pages, we have gathered some of the best articles on photography, with stories and interviews with some of the most spectacular photographers from the most diverse countries.

In this issue 2, you will find fantastic articles, we’ve published on Fuji X Passion, with outstanding images of landscapes, streets, portraits, or photojournalism. All this wrapped in a graphic design that emphasizes photography, inviting the reader to immerse themselves in each text. There’s nothing like having a real paper magazine in your hands, seeing printed photographs, which can be appreciated without the artificiality of a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone.

We really want to believe that you won’t want to miss this issue 2. After the vacation period, which is now beginning to end, there’s nothing better than a source of inspiration, as this magazine intends to be, to have one more reason to pick up the gear and photograph.

Pages: 140 | Size: 17 x 24.4 cm (approx. 6.7 x 9.6 in) | FREE Shipping Worldwide

What you will find inside:

Adrian Schiefele
Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

Anuar Habibe
Human Side of Documentary vs Specs Obsession

Carmine Gammarota
Landscape photography and Fujifilm, the best combo

Jack Plasse
Shooting Street with the X-Pro2 in Vietnam

Dominic O’Brien
It all started with curiosity

Guy Carpenter
Fujifilm cameras: they’re not bad

Jose Carpin
Searching for the perfect moment

Luís Godinho
Documentary and Photojournalism using the Fuji X-T3

Ritesh Ghosh
Street photography

* Please allow 3 to 7 business days for processing prior to shipping
* Delivery times vary by destination

* This magazine is produced on a print-on-demand basis, that is, each issue is made individually. For this reason, there may be minor print defects, so we will replace the copy if these appear in a large number and clearly disturb the reading of the text or do little to dignify the author’s work. Our services will evaluate each case.

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  1. In your article on the suitability or otherwise of the Fuji Pro-1 being still a viable choice, you write “Unfortunately, I cannot share my opinion with my friends because I do not have one.’ I’m sure you have at least one friend and that I am not the only one. Despair not!

    John FitzGerald

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